Learning English by hanging out with teacher Esther at ABVN

Posted 4 năm trước by Thân Thị Chung

Feel bored sitting all day learning English without making any progress?

It is not the case for ABVN students.



In March 2019, some medical students had an interesting meeting with Ms.Esther - one of the volunteer teachers at ABVN. It was right at Ms.Esther’s house in Danang, where they decided to cook together themselves instead of eating out. According to Nam, who is an amazing student of the project, that was an extremely efficient and easy way to learn new words. Nam was in charge of selecting and shopping for the ingredients of the meal. He was the “head chef”, who was responsible for most of the dishes. And Ms.Esther as well as the other students were the “prep cooks”, who did the basic grunt work like cutting and washing vegetables, ….


As you may know, Vietnamese dishes include some ingredients that may be strange to foreigners, one of them is “mắm ruốc”. It is like one kind of spice and smells a little foul. Nam decided to add that “mắm ruốc” into the dish but fortunately, Ms.Esther loved it. 

Esther admitted that she was not a good cook, but she would rather cook at home than go out for a meal. The Vietnamese dishes on that day were not familiar to her but they were great and special.


This brought an unforgettable memory for them because they could improve their English and have a lot of fun at the same time. ABVN hopes that these activities can be held more regularly so that both the students and the volunteer teachers will feel more relaxed and interesting when working and studying together. 



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