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Dr Tanya Bleiker

  Dr Tanya Bleiker, President of the British Association of Dermatologists says: "Differentiating between different types of rashes can be difficult. So if in doubt, follow the advice and ge ...

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26 May 2022 19:14
In November,

  In November, a civil court rejected the petition saying that India had been ruled by several dynasties and wrongs committed in the past "cannot be the basis of disturbing peace of our ...

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26 May 2022 19:01
Funnel wate

Funnel water uphill using surplus power and then, when needed, channel it down through hydroelectric generators. It's a tried-and-tested system. But there are significant issues around scalability. Hy ...

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25 May 2022 20:36
you would

However, you would not see major shortages in supermarkets or clothing stores in a world without planes, says Fernando. "[Bulk goods] are transported using a very different supply chain network, shipp ...

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25 May 2022 20:03
Those new

Those new facilities at their Portlethen site, south of Aberdeen, focus on rope and climbing skills as well as more traditional needs like firefighting.Workers are more likely to travel to wind tu ...

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25 May 2022 19:58
Most of the

Most of the weddings I do are more traditional. I don't judge. I just help the couples achieve the personalised ceremony they want. I meet the couples several weeks or even months before the event ...

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25 May 2022 19:46
In Januar

  In January, the French government forced the state-owned energy provider, Électricité de France (EDF), to cap wholesale price rises to 4% for a year, at a cost of &euro ...

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25 May 2022 19:40
Thomas argue

Thomas argues that what the council is proposing will make people homeless. "You don't decommission a village so callously," she says. "You decommission a nuclear power plant or an old f ...

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24 May 2022 19:40

Low-lying Fairbourne is vulnerable to flooding from multiple sources: the sea, a nearby estuary and river run-off flowing down from the hills. The flood risk is projected to increase drastically over ...

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24 May 2022 19:29
Aviation has

Aviation has a unique combination of two factors not seen together in any other transport mode, says Fernando. Firstly, it's fast, both in terms of its speed and its ability to go directly from a to b ...

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24 May 2022 19:03